Lefkada is an island of the Ionian Sea and it is part of the Eptanisa. It lies between the islands of Corfu and Kefalonia. Along with the islands of Meganissi, Kalamos, Kastos, Scorpios, Skorpidi, Mathouri, Sparti, Thilia, Kythros and other smaller islands constitute the province of Lefkada with the city of Leukada as the Capital.

It is an island full of  vegetation with a mild Mediterranean climate


Archaeological evidence points to that Lefkas has been inhabited since the Stone Age (4th Millennium BC).

laertes-father-of-ulyssesAccording to myth, Laertis, Ulysses’s father, occupied the town of Niriko and offered the island to Icarius, father of Penelope, after her wedding to Ulysses. In spite of the significant alterations of the island’s geography and the inadequacy of historical facts, many archaeologists identify the island with Ulysses’s Ithaki, mentioned by Homer. Although there are plenty of legendary facts, the historical information from the works of Homer is very significant, a fact corroborated by archaeological excavations. The German historian Dorpfeld supports this theory and situates the palace of Ulysses on the eastern part of the island, in the current position of Nidri. Lefkada through times was occupied by Romans. After the victory of the Franks in Constantinople, in 1204, the island of Lefkada came under their command and, in 1294, it was offered by the Bishop Nikiforos A’ Agelos to the Sicilian Orsini family, as a dowry for the wedding of his daughter to Giovanni Orsini.

After several unsuccessful attempts, the Turkish army, led by Gedouk Ahmet Pasha, finally occupied the island of Lefkada in 1479 AD.

In 1684, under the command of Morozini, the Venetians occupied the island of Lefkada again and liberated the locals from the Turks although this liberation did not last for a long time. Then the Island was occupied byFrenchRussians, and British until 1864, where the Ionian islands, including Lefkada, were united with the rest of Greece.

Quite a few famous Greeks were born on Lefkas, but they are not so well known abroad. The one you are most likely to have heard of is Aggelos Sikelianos (1884-1951), nominated for the Nobel literary prize twice.

Sikelianos believed in the revival of the ancient Greek spirit. The “Delphic Idea” he professed, was the union of the whole of humanity with Delfi as its centre.

Tourism came in the 1960’s, when the international press gathered on the island to be close to the shipping magnate Onassis and his wife Jackie.

How to get to Lefkada

You are expected to make your own travel arrangements to Greece.Do not forget to a provision for valid passport and all the necessary paperwork. Be reminded that an insurance cover will be wise for you to take prior, to your departure to Greece.When you register for a course with ATC Lefkada, we will provide you with a pre- arrival pack sometime before your course starts.


The best way to get to Lefkada is by plane from a European city to Preveza Airport. Furthermore you can fly to Athens Airport from any part of the world and then from there to get a connection flight to preveza airport. Flights from Athens are mostly operated by (www.olympicair.com)

From Aktion you can get to Lefkada by Coach operated by the local KTEL. It is approximately a 30 minutes’ drive from Preveza airport to Lefkas town. There are several trips per day which pass the airport gates, travelling from Preveza town to Lefkas town (More info at the airport information desk).

Preveza office: Irinis ave 23, – Tel: Ticket Office: +30 26820 22213 – Travel office: +30 26820 61315

The bus will stop in Lefkada town, from where you can take a taxi, or the local bus to Athani village.

At the airports arrival section, you will find taxis waiting in line. The taxi fare from the airport to Lefkada is approximately 50 Euros.

You can also rent a car at the Preveza airport and drive to Lefkada. It will take you approximately 45 min to get to Athani.

Have a look at the map where you see the distance from of the Preveza airport  until the Athani Village in Lefkada



If you want to reach Lefkada Island by road from Athens, you have to go to the Bus station “TERMINAL KIFISSOS”. Kifissos Bus Station in Athens serves buses to cities in Greece but also the Ionian islands. There are blue buses from Omonoia Square to Kifissos and a direct bus (X93) from the airport of Athens to Kifissos. More  info: www.ktel.org Source: www.greeka.com Busses to Lefkada  depart 4 times a day. The duration of the trip takes about 5  hours, and a one-way ticket costs approximately 37 Euros.

Tickets can be bought directly in the station.


You can also drive with your own car using the Athens Patra National Road. When you reach Rio a small town before Patra you cross to Sterea Ellada either through the Rio Antirio Bridge or by using the local ferry.

Since Lefkada has a bridge to the mainland, you can easily reach the island by car. For those coming from Italy or willing to drive to Italy first, there are boat connections between “Venice or Ancona”ports in Italy with” Igoumenitsa or Patras”ports in Greece. From Igoumenitsa or Patras you will need another 2 hours by car to reach Lefkada. The New Bus Station in Lefkada Town is located to the South of the Marina, approximately 1 kilometre from the town centre.

From the bus station in Lefkada town, you can get a taxi that will take you within 30 minutes to Athani Village  (35) km away from the town of Lefkada, approximate cost 60 – 70 euro. Both taxi and bus will stop on the main road. From there a collection service will be in operation by our school.

Pick up services can be arranged from either Preveza airport or Lefkada Bus station. Services can be arranged from Athens airport too, although this might be an expensive option for you.


Useful telephones

Taxi Lefkada: +30 26450 26555 / 24600 / 21001 / 92000

Bus Terminals for ticket inquiries:

Athens:  +30 210 5150108
Lefkada: +30 26450 22364
Preveza: +30 26820 22213