ATC-OLD-2Our Organisation ATC is an independent educational institution with presence in four major cities in Greece. These are Athens,Nafpaktos, Agrinio, and Lefkada in the West part of the country. Our goal is to provide a high standard of tuition as well as to offer information and advice on career prospects so that our students are successfully prepared for a smooth transition in to the work market.

The tenet behind our Organisation is based on the careful analysis of the needs of each particular student and the belief that our school’s active interactive teaching environment will provide continuous support of the student’s efforts and endeavours.

Our educational services consist of two parts namely teaching and consultancy. Teaching aims to acquaint the student with subjects that will be incorporated in the syllabus of their prospective studies, while our consultancy services focus on giving advice on other functional and extra-curriculum issues of the university such as courses, exams, grades, accommodation, fees, orientation, etc.

The teaching program focuses on subjects of the various foundation courses, A-levels and English language courses (IELTS). Taking into account that we have had a fairly good rate of success over the years, additional programs will enhance the gamma of our services and add sustainable quality. Therefore in the last ten years we have developed designed and incorporated programs for receiving individuals that wish to combine programs :  in the Greek language, Crash Foundation Programs, and  Greek Civilization and  Cultural Programs.

Teaching materials are provided to the students free of charge along with materials concerning the town and the facilities it offers for taking advantage of one’s leisure time.



* As a School we design and implement programs since 1993 with great success.

* Our team of teachers are graduates from Greek and English Universities who love their work and will inspire and motivate you.

*School’s personnel is strictly selected based on their academic qualifications, experience, pleasant personality, and strong sense of communication.

* Friendly and inspiring environment

* Stimulating classes and lots of fun

* Small groups of students, tailor made programs to suit every individual’s needs and circumstances.

* Comprehensive administrative provision from the moment you enroll until the finish of the program with a constant follow up.

*International environment, very friendly, interesting and creative.

* Continuous liaison between your teachers, students and local population through frequent social interaction so as to acquire a better knowledge of Modern     Greek life.

* Our programs are open to all people regardless of their nationality, religion, age, and education.

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