The tenet behind our Organisation is based on the careful analysis of the needs of each particular student and the belief that our school’s active interactive teaching environment will provide continuous support of the student's efforts and endeavours.

Learn Greek Language Courses
# CEF Levels # The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

We have chosen to specialize in programs pertaining to our twenty five years experience on thοse programs, with great success. We strongly believe that expertise guarantees quality.If you are looking for an intensive or a more relaxed extended course or a private tuition, all these combined with a holiday break on a superb Greek island, then we can design a course to cater for your specific language needs! READ MORE

Ancient Greek History and Civilization Culture Courses
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Discover through the writings of ancient and contemporary Greek Philosophers that survived through time the uncertainty of life, the cultivation of tranquility and contentment, and the observance of moderation or the "golden mean” READ MORE.

Crash Foundation Courses in Sciences and Ielts
We offer a big range of subjects

The main objective of crash course is revising whole syllabus giving Tips & Tricks and short cut objective approach along with focus on Problem solving to secure a better start in your university intellectual adventure! READ MORE

Intensive greek language and culture courses in Greece

Learning Greek in Greece - Greek Language and Culture Programs

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